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In Bloom…

April 26, 2012

We are really enjoying our garden.  Watching our baby plants grow and bloom is a blessing.  It really makes me stop and marvel at the work of the Lord.  Our kids are learning so much as they watch are plants grow and begin to produce.  It will not be long before we are picking some wonderful produce!!!

Here are some pictures:


Tomato Plant


Our first tomatoes


Pepper Plant




A bud on our eggplant






I am a “newbie” gardener and honestly Hubby does most of the work!  I had never seen cucumbers grow and vine before and just thought this was the coolest thing when they started to vine on their own.  Even Mom is learning in the process!




The squash is starting to bloom


Captain America has his own little pots that he is tending to.  He was given some flower seeds from a friend and he is closely tending to his little friends.  He gets so excited the bigger they get!

We are all enjoying the beauty that the plants bring to our backyard and are eagerly awaiting the first fruits we get to pick from our crop!

Have you started your garden yet?  How is it coming along?

Be Blessed,


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